Your eyes are one of the first features people notice. Unfortunately, they're also one of the first to show signs of aging. Over time, your eyelids may thin and lose elasticity, causing them to sag, or, protruding fat from your eye sockets may cause bags--often the result of aging, but sometimes an inherited trait that shows up early in life. These changes can make you look tired or sad, when you're feeling something else altogether.

If you and your doctor determine you are a good candidate, blepharoplasty can remove excess tissue, while maintaining the natural shape of your eyes, to restore a more rested, youthful appearance to your face. Not only providing aesthetic benefits, blepharoplasty can correct a condition in which sagging skin obscures vision. You may have another procedure--an eyebrow lift or facelift--done at the same time to complement your eyelid surgery.

Recovery time from surgery is approximately one week. Results: lower lids, permanent; upper lids, ten years.

Plastic Surgery Before and After:

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