Expert advice with Head and Neck surgeon and University of Florida Associate Professor,
Dr. Joe Parell. The following are s
ixteen selected Questions and Answers from a newspaper column.

The following files are PDF documents. Click the question to download.

1. Eight Reason to choose Dr. Joseph Parell
2. Question about Baratrauma.
3. Nasal Surgery Solutions for a bump on the nose.
4. Difficulty Clearing your Ears.
5. Considerations before choosing Plastic Surgery.

6. Possible cause of Dizzy Spells.
7. Causes of Ear Infection.
8. Several causes of Hoarseness.
9. The use of Lasers in Surgery.
10. Hearing problems in new borns.
11. The meaning behind a "Quick Lift"
12. The importance of a second opinion.
13. Other causes of a Sinus Headache may not be an infection.
14. Alternatives for Sleep Apnea.
15. Choosing the proper Sunscreen.
16. Diagnosing a lump on your Thyroid.

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