Your face projects an image to others about who you are and what you think and feel. But, just as a great work of art eventually shows sings of wear and tear from time, so your facial features undergo gradual changes. Facial cosmetic surgery can restore your image by smoothing the texture of your skin and reshaping the underlying facial tissues. Like a sculptor creating a work of art, your surgeon uses many tools and techniques to create that special look.

The three most pronounced landmarks on your face are your cheekbones, chin and nose. If one of these features is too large or too small, your face may appear unbalanced. Facial cosmetic surgery may restore your facial harmony by changing the shape or size of your cheekbones, chin or nose. This refined, more balanced profile is intended to last permanently.

To the right is a "before" illustration of a woman who lacks balanced facial features. To see an example of the amazing results of facial cosmetic surgery- slowly pass your mouse over the illustration to view the "after" illustration. As you can see, cheek implants can dramatically improve facial balance; a chin implant creates a more pleasing profile by strengthening a weak, receding chin; and nasal surgery improves the shape and size of the nose by removing excess bone and cartilage.

Plastic Surgery before and after.

Roll your mouse over the picture to view the results of cosmetic surgery.

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